Seven Days in Bali - a story

Hello! I'm Abeer, an Assistant Professor, founder of Juliet Turns the Page, and writer. You can read Seven Days in Bali here Seven Days in Bali: A Dare a Day, by Abeer Fahim, is a story about Lara, a 35-year old, recently divorced woman who goes on a trip to Bali on what was supposed to be her wedding anniversary. Her marriage ends after her husband has an affair, leaving her feeling shattered as she embarks on a journey to try to come to terms with the breakdown of her marriage. She puts a post on Facebook and asks for someone to accompany her on the trip. Eleanor, a grandmother's friend, goes with Lara to Bali. As Lara tries to move forward, while unable to let go over past, Eleanor helps Lara see things differently, and convinces Lara to dare herself to do something she is afraid of for the seven days. Lara's life will change forever. This is a story about finding the strength to turn the page, and the courage to move forward, while facing the fear of looking back. Abeer Fahim is also founder of @julieturnsthepage, an inspirational Facebook page with over 154,000 fans.