Sem Buit

4 years ago I was working as a bartender at a nightclub in my hometown, working 240 hours per month for a pay-check (I hate this word so much now) I hated the job. I was always looking for this next thing which would make me magically rich.. I ran into a big burn out and almost got depressed... 🙁 - So it was time for chance so I started an Instagram account in the time I worked at the bar which failed so unbelievably bad.. Everything I'm teaching you guys now, I didn't do back then haha.. So after 1 month of not seeing results I quitted 😔 - I thought I would never be rich, that I was a failure and would never become something or someone 😞 - However I decided instead of laying in bed all day feeling down it was time to take action... - It was time to take action, it was time to stop working for a pay-check, it was time to stop living month by month barely scraping by... it was time to quit that job!! Soo... I DID! - That was one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far.. - Like I already told you, I was always looking for the next thing to make me rich, and I thought entrepreneurship equals a shit ton of money and it would be easy. - So I started my own Door2Door sales company selling high ticket kitchen supplies of €500+... LOL - I 'knew' I was going to be filthy rich if I did this... I did some calculation... 20 days of work, selling at least 1 piece per day means: 20x€500=€10k each month MINIMUM 😱 - As you can imagine.. it wasn't €10k/month at all unfortunately. - After 3 months I closed the business down feeling even worse than before... - I found a job as a Liquor Deliverer Guy which paid me €1500 per month... As you can imagine this isn't a lot of money. But I was able to pay my bills, go out, buy nice clothes etc etc... - This whole post is about mindset, and as you can see until her my mindset was shit AF! SPENDING money on things that didn't give me an ROI, not taking good care of myself and so on... - UNTILL.... - I INVESTED my money into a course which drastically changed my life (I won't say the name of the course before you think I'm writing this post to affiliate it) - I always had a passion for Social Media and especially for instagram and this time I decided to go 110% for it. - In the past years I already gained some instagram knowledge, but this time it was the real deal. - I cutted all the unnecessary bills and expenses, and all the money I saved from this I INVESTED into instagram... I was working 8 hours a day at the Liquor Deliverer Job and 10 hours a day on instagram! - I learned everything about it, spend any € I got on instagram and now we're here... - 1 year later 8,000,000+ followers gained 200,000,000+ likes received 1,000,000,000+ impressions received 6 figures+ earned 6 figures+ invested