Seacademy Sdn Bhd

Seacademy Sdn Bhd (SEAcademy) is an integrated high level access solution provider of systems, products and manpower. We specialize in providing innovative solutions when working at extreme height and at ground levels with a strong emphasis on safety. These solutions include the training and certification of multi skill personnel to international standards to providing multiple configuration of innovative temporary platforms that are easy to rig up and down to accommodate personnel working space including their tools and equipment. We have the ability to provide a complete team of multi skill personnel to undertake the maintenance, work pack preparation, procurement, construction and installation of offshore and onshore structures / piping / electrical and instrumentation systems. For inspection, we can provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones to close up inspection with high resolution images and videos in real time. We also have the total ability to provide the necessary intervention skills and products to allow the inspection, maintenance and refurbishment of very high level works in refineries, telecommunications towers, power and heavy industrial plants, oil & gas platforms and etc.