It began in 1999. Jill Davis had been scrapbooking for over 25 years, was an expert crafter and taught local sold-out classes on papercrafting. Creative expression filled her life with meaning and joy and she loved sharing that passion with others so much that she wanted to do it on a larger scale. Soon after, through a series of miraculous events - some might even call it fate - Jill was able to obtain the domain name She jumped in feet first and started out of her home office, launching the first version of the site at the turn of the millenium. Much has happened since then and the community, resources and store have grown beyond her wildest dreams. is now the most visited papercrafting website and store in the world, happily welcoming millions of crafters every month. We still carry out Jill's passion for teaching and we strive to inspire people everywhere to live a handmade life.