Saw Myint - Mortgage Broker

I have developed a proven Framework to get the maximum results for our clients. Our methodology can deliver powerful results from initial Strategy session through to Property Investment Planning. My value added services includes: 1. Goal setting & Investment Plan to achieve Financial Freedom through Property Investment. 2. I'm formally CPA qualified to advise you on how to 'Maximise Return on Investment, Cashflow Optimisation Strategies, Tax Depreciation and Capital Gain Maximisation 3. I'm available at your convenience. Call me on weekends or evenings. 4. I have a network of prequalified Lawyers, Accountants, Buyer Agents and other third party property professionals to help you achieve your Property Goal. 5. I can do FREE Professional Property Valuation Estimate report on all properties in Australia. This is the same tool Real Estate agents use to estimate valuation of properties and it's a tool for all my clients.