Savwee Investment

We are a boutique investing school. Value Syndicate is our signature training course. When you become a member of our signature Value Syndicate program, you will find that we are really the odd boy in the lot. Instead of treating you like a person who sign up to an investing course, we actually treat you like a client of a coaching program. What's the difference between treating you as a customer VS a client? Well, if we're like other people who treat you like a customer, we will just deliver enough not to trigger a refund request & leave you in whatever state you are after the program. Some of you will be successful and some of you will not. However, since we treat you like a client (in other word, your fiduciary), we think for your interest. This means, we will not allow you to be left, unprepared, blur or unguided in your journey to achieving consistent income from your investments. Through our support group, we are one of the only investing school that stays in touch & monitor how you perform as a investor, just to make sure you remain profitable and are on track as an investor.. Warning: We're not for everyone. If you just want to check out what investing is about and want a course that you attend and forget about, you might find us like an overly attached girlfriend, a little annoying. This is because we know each & everyone of our student and we will not let you go until we are sure we've earned your money rightfully. How do we maintain such a high quality? We always keep our class size under 20. Whenever we have more demand than that, we will increase the price..and hence, the name, a boutique investing school. Oh ya..if you're looking for something really formal & stern, we're not for you too. Our relationship will be more like brother/sister, we'll show you our true nature and not one of bureaucracy.