Sassy Suite, #EmpowerSocial

Brenda broke the party plan direct sales model, when she became the #1 sponsor in her brand within 6 months of joining. She sustained that position for two years, earned multiple incentive trips and rewards, grew a team of over 800, and hardly got off her couch. Whaaaaaat?! She did it almost entirely on social media. She’s a recovering corporate technology executive, a former college professor, a social media fangirl, and fundamentally a homebody. She’s Mommy to Leigha and Jack, wife to Tom, and friend to all. She’s a mad pinner, and Faith Hill follows her online. (For realz.) First and foremost, she leads with relationship and community building. And with her acclaimed social media training and coaching, has helped hundreds of direct sales and small business professionals bring their business online, differentiate themselves from others who sell the same or similar products or services, and build a loyal community of customers, teams, fan, and friends. With that training, several others on her own team also achieved national recognition. People started asking “HOW are you doing this?! Please teach me!” And hence, Sassy Suite was born. Now she works in her yoga pants from her home in Chandler, AZ, and coaches and trains solopreneurs around the world on finding their online voice. She runs the Socialite Suite and the Suite properties, including premium groups, regional community groups, and topical interest groups related to direct sales. You can find her on social media at @SuiteBrenda, and regularly Periscoping about social media, work-at-home strategies, community building, Sharpies, and the merits of pink lipstick. Her mission is to #EMPOWERSOCIAL.