Sashay music player - feel the music

Sashay means 'a journey with pleasure'. And that pleasure in music comes from various emotions and moods, it brings inside us. Sashay has been created with the aim of bringing music further closer to people by infusing moods into their music, and providing a best experience of playing music on iOS. BEAUTIFUL, STREAMLINED INTERFACE • Your existing iTunes music collection put forth in a beautiful, streamlined layout • Browse vertically for music collections, horizontally for songs inside a collection • Use your collection as per different media categories - Sashays (Mood tags), Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres, Composers • Inside a collection row - first tile represents collection with artwork image, and rest of the tiles represent individual songs TAG MUSIC WITH MOODS (SASHAYS) • Awesome 20 default mood tags - sashays, with addictive emoticons, built-in with the app • Tag a song with multiple moods from available tags, or create new ones • Add more songs to your mood based music collection CREATE DYNAMIC PLAYING QUEUES • Play songs from different collections (playlists, albums etc) together with dynamic playing queue • Press and hold on any collection/ song tile for options to - play it now, or add it to the end of the playing queue • Edit, Sort, Manage the playing queue manually as per choice • Choose playback controls - repeat and shuffle modes right from the same view SHORTCUT VIEWS & GESTURE CONTROLS • Tap on the top navigation bar for 'Central Controls' view - now playing song with playback controls. Tap on this view to open the now playing song's screen • Press and hold on any collection/ song tile for 'Add To Queue Controls' view - to play now, or add it to the end of the playing queue • On now playing song's screen, swipe left/ right for playing next/previous song • Swipe right from left corner edge for media category options view • Swipe left from right corner edge for current playing queue view SHARE PLAYING MUSIC WITH THE WORLD • Publish directly from Sashay to Facebook, Twitter • Share your favorite music with your loved ones over Email and SMS (iMessage) ----- Get Sashay music player from the Apple Appstore at