Samsara Women's Health Club Runaway Bay

Our newest and most exciting version yet. Larger premises, yoga room and bringing the latest and most advanced Technogym Artis equipment to the Gold Coast. A place like minded women can come and feel good about themselves, meet new friends and help other women do the same. Founded in Canberra 2012 by Belinda Taylor, Samsara has now serviced over 900 women from all walks of life and fitness levels. Belinda combines her experience and passion of women’s well-being to challenge the ‘gym’ chore with a refreshing, educated and enjoyable approach that will change Women’s Health. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, her desire is to provide a personal and contemporary well-being service that empowers women to be the best version of themselves possible. Services at Samsara is the evolution of women’s health and well-being today. It’s here to illustrate what can and should be delivered within a Health Club. We house the latest range of Artis Technogym equipment and provide a unique Wellness package with an ongoing assessment process utilizing the ‘Wellness Key’ system and InBody Composition Scans. A visit to Samsara is a treat, not a chore - it’s an experience and time out that you deserve. ‘If your’ not assessing, your guessing’