Samina Malik Makeup & Image Design

Welcome to my Hot Mama Makeover, a place where you can learn to rediscover that beautiful women you were and still are. ​ My focus is to make all women believe in their beauty, something I personally struggled with, until I discovered the power of makeup and positive self esteem. Feeling confident and beautiful in our own skin is a powerful gift we women should give to one another. This is the backbone and vision behind the the Hot Mama Makeover: I want to help mums look fresh, updated and regain their confidence. ​ Time, work, and family life can sometimes distract us mums from paying a little well deserved attention to ourselves. Soon we realize we are left with a dated look using dated products that do not work anymore. I'm here to change that, and turn you mums into that Hot Mama I know you are inside! With a New Makeup Kit, Easy Customized Makeup Lessons and Styling, I'll teach you how to transform into a natural looking beauty and show you how to rediscover your features with fresh customized looks using products and techniques you'll love. ​ So if you are ready for a change in your look be it natural or dramatic, let me help you become that Hot Mama!