Samantha Justine

Well hello there! I'm Samantha Justine and I can rescue YOU from drowning from ALL your unnecessary work load that's holding you back, and help YOU move YOUR business forward. Let's be real. Being an entrepreneur is very difficult. Sure, building your own business and making your own money can be very rewarding, but it isn't easy. There are a million things you need to do, and you can't possibly take care of everything on your own. Are you answering and sorting out YOUR emails? Are YOU doing YOUR own appointment scheduling? Are you planning and doing all your Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels and email sequences all on your own? Let me tell you something. YOU have got to STOP. You know why? Because YOU need to focus on YOUR area of expertise. YOU want to be out there to make sales, to connect and network with your clients, to coach, to lead and inspire others, you should be making bank and making the money you deserve --- NOT hunched up on your computer for hours and hours, not getting enough sleep because you're juggling too many things at the same time ON YOUR OWN. STOP! So how are you supposed to take care all of these things? That's where I step in. Why YOU NEED ME In Your Business I have an AH-maaazing team that can help you with everything-- from social media scheduling and management, article writing, email management, appointment setting, web development and management and SO MUCH MORE. So you're not just hiring me, you're hiring an ENTIRE SUPPORT SYSTEM that can take away all these painstaking tasks from you and manage ALL these things for YOU! How awesome is that? (book strategy call button) So What Makes ME DIFFERENT from all the other Virtual Assistants you've Hired? You know that there's more to just posting a Facebook Ad and creating a Sales Funnel. You can't just throw a spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. That never works! And that is why most businesses FAIL. What you SHOULD be doing is communicating to your audience and your customers and read what their needs are so you can communicate how YOU can solve that problem for them and MAKE THEM LOVE YOU. I'm a creative at heart, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE creating business strategies. Backed by Neil Patel's Advanced Marketing Program (cost me a thousand bucks!), Russel Brunson's Funnel Hacks, and Ryan Deiss's Perfect Offer Mini Class, MY area of expertise is helping YOU communicate with your audience with your FB Ad Campaigns, create a Sales Funnel Marketing that grabs the attention of your potential customers and write amazing Copywriting messages that gets them hooked on YOU. Do I need to say more? Book Your FREE 30 minute strategy call with me, and let's start creating your dream business together! 10 THINGS ABOUT ME YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW (IT'LL BE OUR LITTLE SECRET) 1. Marketing is in my blood. Both my parents have been working in the field of sales and marketing since I was still an infant and conversations about business and sales over dinner has been the norm for my entire life. I live and breathe marketing. 2. I'm an INFJ based on the Myers-Briggs personality test (which is just 1-2% of the world's population. We're like unicorns!!) Basically it means that I'm an intuitive person and a natural empath. Being an INFJ allows me to put myself in other people's shoes and see their problem and pain points from their perspective. This special trait has helped me to assist my clients and help them determine what areas of their business they are struggling with so I can step in and take care of it for them. 3. I firmly believe that curiosity DID NOT kill the cat. It's a lie! Mostly because based on my experience, my curiosity and inquisitiveness has always opened new opportunities for me. 4. I LOOOVE learning. I know it sounds cliche but my A.C.E education from kindergarten to highschool has helped me to become a self-taught person. (Yep, I was a Valedictorian) 5. I'm absolutely obsessed with notebooks and planners. I have a ton of them on my desk, my bags and drawers. I even have a collection of digital notebooks and online planners. Don't even get me started about books! 6. I'm a very competitive person. I will always, ALWAYS ask for a rematch in a game of chess until I get to win. 7. My favorite question to ask is "WHY". I like knowing the reason why people choose to do things the way they do it. 8. While I enjoy working as an Online Business Manager, I'm also in love with traveling. I've traveled to 13 countries and counting. I feel very fortunate to have a job that I can take anywhere with me. 9. For an introverted person, I'm pretty much extroverted. I can be a people-person and can be very social if the need arises. Being a speaker and a Virtual Assistant mentor, I step out of my introverted shell and step up to the plate so I can help and teach other people. I think the term for this is ambivert. 10. I live by the principles of ALOHA. I'm in constant search of improving myself and becoming a better person not just for me, but also for my loved ones and the people around me. Still not enough? Well why don't you call me and find out if we're a perfect fit to work together!