Salon Owners Collective

I believe that every single one of us as the ability to achieve incredible things, and life is too short to waste the opportunity to live your dream life. However, sometimes the salon owners journey can be challenging. Salon Owners collective was born from the idea that we learn best when we are supported by our peers and we are inspired by those that have had success before us. While I have loads of experience, I don’t know all the answers so the collective aims to bring experts who have forged the path before us and are willing to share their experiences with us. And not just the good and the glamourous. I want to hear and share the hard times, even those that we put up on a pedestal have had times when they feel alone and want to cry because their world has been turned upside down. Hearing those remind us that we too can be successful and we’re on the right path. The road to freedom it filled with adversity and triumph. Joy and tears, late nights and long hours are part of the entrepreneurs path. Salon Owners collective is here so you don’t feel alone, have support and knowledge.