Sally Tamar

As a busy mum of 3, working hard in my own vegetarian catering and craft business, when I was introduced to an opportunity to join a network marketing business, I could see how much possibility there was in it, and took the plunge. Excited to begin a new venture, I forfeited sleep to learn about the products and how to do the business. However, I always felt slightly out of my depth, struggling to find how to focus my efforts to be fruitful. As well as that, i felt like I was driving my friends and other mums at my children's school and preschool away, because I was, as I had been taught by my uplines, seeing everyone as a prospect. To sum it up, I felt like I was isolating myself, and the fruits of my efforts weren't making it worth it, and decided to focus my time and energy on developing new strategies. Through hours and hours of research and studying I developed new skills that have enabled me to transform my approach to my business, and indeed my business itself, finding ways to reach more people and get lots more leads.