Ronnie Edmonds

About 2 years ago I was not only struggling with my weight, but I was struggling as a father, being a partner to my fiancé, & as a man. I completely lost my self confidence Everyday was work work work so everything else was put on the back burner, even my family One day I looked at myself (the day I took my first transformation pic) and realized that the man I saw in the mirror was not the man I dreamed of becoming Making excuses that I didn’t have time…. Until I realized that THERE IS NO EXUCSE TO LET MYSELF GO Realizing that my family needs me at my best Realizing that my own happiness equates to my family’s happiness SO I MANNED UP AND GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER After transforming myself, I realized how many dads were struggling with the same exact thing And then I started helping struggling dads like me transform inside & out, physically & mentally I am not just a trainer and this is not just about fitness This is about who you have to become as a man to be the best for your family I help dads increase self confidence by rebuilding their mind & body to become a BETTER MAN! I plan to transform a million men inside & out throughout my journey This Is just the beginning!