Rockstar Direct Sales

Power Coach Alishia shocked the industry, when she sold over $135,000 in PERSONAL sales in her first 6 months of joining, grew a team of 10, cruise qualified at the highest level and she did it 100% on Facebook. She's a Facebook Rockstar, works MAGIC on businesses and LOVES to vacation! She's a mom to Rownin and Stratton, wife to her junior high sweetheart Daniel and Besties with everyone. She's got nails for days, types like a madwoman and you'll love her Fun, Funny, Exciting, Entertainting and Educational approach to all things. Straight up, Power Coach Alishia leads with connecting and engaging. And with her raved about training and coaching, has helped 1,000's of Direct Sellers and small business owners double, triple and 10x's their business. Her FAVORITE thing to do is hang out on Facebook, chatting and building friendships around the world while helping Direct Sellers EXPLODE their business on Facebook. If that sounds like something you're ready to ROCK - Join our Direct Sellers ROCK on Facebook, Community >>