Rita Phil

At Rita Phil, we are dedicated to making custom fit skirts that will not only fit you perfectly but accentuate your body and boost your confidence. What makes Rita Phil different is that we've created a unique pattern system that is personalized for each body type. We've worked with women of many shapes and sizes and have learned from those experiences. This means that we don’t just change the measurements on each skirt. We also use a different cut, to make sure the skirt not only fits you, but that it also flatters your specific body type. We use classic hand-stitched techniques found only at the most exclusive designer brands. From the fabric selection to the construction and stitching, our techniques have been meticulously selected to give you the perfect combination of fashion, comfort and fit. Our in-house production allows us to provide the highest quality control over every skirt. There are no assembly lines; instead, all our skirts are hand-made with care and attention to detail.