Riona Michele

About A Year Ago, I Was Truly Stuggling With My Mindset. I Was Insecure And Losing Confidence. My Body Was Going Downhill And I Wasn't Taking Care Of Myself The Way That I Shouldve Been. Instead Of Putting My Health And Happiness First, I Was Putting Everyone Else Before Me. Based Off Of My Own Personal Experience And My Experience Working With Other Women Like Me, I Have Realized That We Seriously Struggle With Self-Confidence. Our Insecurities Ultimately Reflect On To Our Friends, Our Families, And Our Significant Others. I Help The Busy Woman Of The House Become The Queen Of Her Life Through Nutrition And Fitness In Order To Achieve A Healthier Body And Mindset I Am Now Seeking To Empower Women Around The Country Who All Have One End Goal: Become The Queen Of Your Life As Women We Forget How Powerful We Really Are. Its Time To Regain Your Crown And Take Back Control Of Your Life. My Goal Is To Help Women Get BANGING Bodies, Achieve A DRIVEN Mindset, And Gain A CONFIDENCE Level Of 100. Are You Ready To Wear Your Crown? Join Me & Become The Queen Of Your Life.