Richard's Real Kitchen

Richard’s Real Kitchen is a new business making attractive, fresh and delicious ready to eat meals, ordered through a simple mobile application. Main meals are available for $14 and soups and dessert for $8 Richard’s Real Kitchen will be selling fresh ready to eat meals at The Real Kitchen, Hayton Road Monday to Wednesday. Delivery options are also available locally and around New Zealand. There are meals in a Richard's Real Kitchen Classics range that are available all week and are suitable for storage unfrozen for up to 5 days and longer frozen. And there are Fresh meals that are designed to be picked up and eaten on that day. Meals that in some cases will not freeze. This range of Today’s fresh meals are made on the day you consume them so are fresh, delicious and especially nutritious. There are many gluten free, vegetarian and some paleo meal options. To order download the RichardsRealKitchen app on Apple or Android phones. Every Thursday the menu for the following week will be uploaded and you'll be notified on your phone. I'll also put it here on Facebook. I’m not entirely sure what will suit you, the customer, best so I’m very keen to hear what you want and when you want it. You might want dishes that make dinner party entertaining easy for Friday and Saturday night, or you just may want single serve, fresh and delicious meals for week nights when you don’t have the time to shop and cook after a busy day. Looking forward to seeing you and cooking up some delicious meals for you.