Resurgence Training Centre

There are two main training focuses at Resurgence Training Centre – Bodybuilding and Cross-Training. Being one of the biggest Hammer Strength Training Centres in WA the equipment that will be available at the gym will be the best that Hammer Strength can offer. The Hammer Strength weight training equipment is both pin loaded & plate loaded. Plate loaded equipment allows you to lift the weight you need to lift without the need to rely upon stock standard weight settings. It’s all about optimum performance and this gym is geared to help you get there by offering the best equipment. Cross Training is the other side to Resurgence Training Centre in Port Kennedy. The team have extensive experience and have put in hours of effort and painstaking research to ensure the latest training regimes and techniques can be implemented into the cross training sessions. The RTC team are so passionate about achieving their members’ goals that the research and effort never stops. When you go home to recover, our trainers will still be trying to find the most effective exercises to provide the Resurgence Training Centre members the style of cross training that best achieves their goals.