Results Fitness

Welcome to Results Fitness. Were not like any gym you've attended before. We are Ireland’s premier fat loss and body transformation community and we're dedicated to helping you become the happiest, healthiest and strongest version of yourself, inside and outside of the gym. We promise to provide you with an enjoyable and challenging training experience, which focuses on building your strength and mobility. We want to empower you with new levels of strength and fitness so you can achieve your goals and be better equipped for life in general. We don't believe in restrictive diets, meal replacement shakes, magic pills or potions. We want your nutrition to be fun, and sustainable; that's what makes it stick. We want to keep you feeling full, while optimising your body's ability to burn fat so you’re not bloated or hungry, and you have the energy you need to get the body of your dreams. To find out more click the 'Message Us' button at the top of this page