REST Float Solutions

OUR MISSION at R.E.S.T. Float Solutions is to improve quality of life by providing holistic, non-medicated solutions for rest, relaxation, and recovery across the communities in which we serve. Our passion is your health! WHAT IS FLOATING? The practice of floatation (also called floatation therapy) is quickly gaining popularity in the United States as a primary means of rest, relaxation, and recovery. Additionally, it is being used as an alternative to medicated solutions for chronic pain and generating notable results. The weightlessness achieved by effortlessly floating in a dense salt water solution makes it possible for the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems to rest in a zero gravity environment, a unique sensation that only astronauts and free divers will regularly experience. Interestingly, the life of all animal offspring originates in this weightless environment, which speaks volumes to justifying the reason we find comfort in this state.