Rejuv Medical ∙ Louisville

REJUV MEDICAL ~ LOUISVILLE, KY “Personalizing Medicine to Optimize Function” Our clinic is a truly trans-formative experience where the focus is on optimizing health by finding the root cause of illness. Replenish your vitality, vanquish your pain, experience boundless energy, transform your body, regain your ideal body weight, optimize your hormones, strengthen your bones, regenerate your joints, uplift your moods, rev up your sex life, reverse the effects of aging, prevent the most common diseases related to aging and change your lifestyle towards a life better than you can imagine. Utilizing cutting edge stem cell therapy, physical medicine therapeutics, individualized hormonal balancing, integrative functional medicine, comprehensive prolotherapy, medical fitness and lifestyle modification. We education you on the key aspects of health and wellness so that you will ultimately understand what it requires for you to live a long, healthy fulfilled life. Many conditions can be treated at Rejuv Medical. Chronic and Acute Pain – Headaches, LBP, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, CRPS, neuropathic pain, elbow pain, hip and ankle pain – non narcotic management Menopausal Symptoms – individualized hormone optimization / balance Andropause Sexual Dysfunction Weight Issues Joint Pain Fatigue Thyroid issues Auto-Immune disorders Cardiometabolic disorders Mood disorder / ADHD Brain Fitness / optimization Diabetes Infertility Acne Hormonal Imbalance : PMS, PCOS Athletic injuries Sports performance enhancement Irritable Bowel Syndrome / GI Issues Osteoporosis