Over two decades ago, our company began issuing free prescription discount drug cards to employers across the country. It didn’t take long for us to learn that millions of unemployed and retired people were paying too much for their prescriptions. Even people with good-paying jobs struggle to pay for prescriptions as the rising cost of insurance causes employers to reduce or no longer include prescription drug coverage for employees. This was a problem we saw — which still needs to be fixed. We created the nation’s first-ever free prescription discount savings card and mailed it directly to consumers. From the beginning, our card has been easy to get, easy to use, and easily provides the best savings rate in the industry. Millions of people across the country have used our discount card, savings of hundreds of millions of dollars. The landscape of healthcare is changing — drastically. Medicare added coverage for seniors. The Affordable Care Act enabled those without health insurance to get covered. And while more people have insurance, drug prices continue to skyrocket, and people are struggling to pay for their prescriptions. With each change, we continue to innovate. Today we are the first and only prescription discount savings company that offers cash loyalty rewards to our members. We promise to keep discovering and implementing new ways to help the uninsured and underinsured afford their prescription medication, and in doing so, we’ll play our part in improving everyone’s health and lives.