Redefining Youth With Leslie

Hi and welcome to my page! My name is Leslie J Meyer and I'm a Jeunesse Global Sapphire Executive, founder & independent distributor. I'm warm, gentle, caring, give fantastic support and passionate about what I do. Jeunesse has brought health and wellness to my whole family, and I now look younger, feel younger and have more energy :-) Let me help you renew vitality and radiance in your life! It's time to get rid of those wrinkles inside and out, with the most innovative anti-aging product system available today. *Limitations of this information and liability Please remember that I am not a doctor, nor am I a trained healthcare professional. The information on this page is for informational purposes only, and you should never rely solely on the information here especially if you have any serious healthcare needs. You remain responsible for what you do with this information, determining for yourself what is right or wrong for you. Since I am not a licensed physician and can't diagnose or prescribe for you, any application of the information on this page constitutes the explicit waiver of any liability on my part.