Marissa DuBois

Hey Friends! Its Riss here :) Welcome to my page .. I am a 22 year old ONLINE AFFILIATE MARKETER . I spend my average days traveling, it is what makes me happiest! I am an Alumni of Florida State University.. GO Seminoles!!! I love to be in the gym and would say I am a SELFIE QUEEN! I find joy in shopping, outdoor activities, blogging, and music! Gotta love music man!!! In this life I have a few very important goals: ~ to live a life full of HAPPINESS ! ~ to continue to self improve and learn ~ & to touch the lives of those around me With those goals in mind, a 9-5 job never appealed to me. I am supposed to be MY OWN BOSS, I was born into a line of Entrepreneurial minds. & that is why I took the took the first OPPORTUNITY I saw at a better life and ran with it!!! Just a few short months ago I came across a video showing me the step by step click system to creating FINANCIAL FREEDOM ONLINE. I was skeptical at first but knew if I could ... FOCUS everyday on teaching myself the system BELIEVED in my abilities and skill sets and JUST TAKE ACTION.... I would make something great for myself ..that I could be proud of. Now today I can stand in front of a room of people, with confidence and say, "I am Marissa DUBois and I successfully run my own online business and DO WHATEVER I WANT, WHEN I WANT! As a 22 year old college graduate I have the finances and freedom to live MY DREAM lifestyle! I am blessed." Message me to chat!