Real Estate Wealth Expo

AT THE EXPO YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: Flip Properties Get started flipping property right here in the Atlanta area. Once you learn our system, it’s fast and easy. And we help you get the money to fund good deals. Cash Flow Find the best income producing properties that throw off cash every month! Start with one smaller deal and start making extra income. Then do it over and over again. Other People’s Money Use other people’s money to fund YOUR deals. Get Pre-Approved up to $750,000 in Real Estate funding regardless of your credit score. Meet & Network Meet & network with other Real Estate investors & professionals in Atlanta who are currently buying & selling Real Estate. Bring business cards for the Deal Cafe. Real Estate Systems Create your own success by learning the same Real Estate systems Real Estate Pro’s use! It’s not hard, once you learn how. Full or Part-Time Make money on a part time basis while keeping your job. This day is filled with money making opportunities for both beginner and experienced investors. Self-Directed IRA Purchase discounted Real Estate in a self-directed retirement account. This is a powerful wealth building strategy because profits can grow in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment. Tax Liens Buy & sell Tax Liens. A passive income investment vehicle that offers maximum interest rates between 12% & 18%.