Raider 150

The Suzuki Raider 150 is one of the fastest motorcycles in the underbone category. It uses the 150 cc (9.2 cu in) DOHC four-valve single-cylinder oil-cooled Suzuki FXR150 engine, with a six-speed transmission. The frame, rear swing arm, rear suspension, seat and front brakes are redesigned from the Suzuki FX125 chassis, making it more aerodynamic. Its popularity in South East Asia, mainly in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines, is due to its price—around US$1850 (90,000 to 92,001 pesos or around 16,500,001 rupiah in Indonesia). The main features are full-length front shock, rear monoshock suspension, six-speed short gear ratio transmission, dual camshaft engine, lightweight chassis construction, alloy cast wheel, large-diameter front disc brake, and a rear disc brake, which is rarely found in underbones. The top speed of stock Raider 150 is between 145 and 155 kilometers per hour. The first-generation Suzuki Raider 150 was assembled in Thailand (2003–2005). It has the same engine and technical data of FX150 from Malaysia. They redesigned the chassis and made it on an underbone category and also changed the carb to 26 mm, originally 29 mm carburetor size. The Raider was launched in 2004 in the Philippines, and two years later in Thailand. New breed in 2009 the Suzuki Raider 150R got a slight makeover in its design. The headlight was changed inspired by that of the GSX-R superbikes, which now defines its special look giving it visually a nice edge as a high-end performance bike in the underbone category. The second generation Suzuki Raider R150 was released in November 2006, with three available colors, an electric starter. Thailand The Thailand version is different from the Philippine and Indonesian models, the main difference being the sticker and paint scheme. Philippines The Philippine raider 150 version has three colorways: red, blue and black. It had also a "Raider J" variant. Its design was also copied by some motorcycle manufacturers and marketed as the "Dagger".[citation needed]. Indonesia The Indonesian variant is called "Satria FU150" and has three colorways available, as in the Philippines. But in 2008, the color variation became four different tones. Also since a few years ago, some secondary technical upgrade has been made (for example, an electric starter). Malaysia The Raider 150 was released in 2009 for the Malaysian market as the Suzuki Belang R150, with tree colours available: red white and black. Vietnam The Raider 150 was released in 2013.