Raelyn Tan

There are a couple of problems you're probably facing as an ambitious blogger: - There's a lot of false promises and fluff in an industry of marketers who do not provide value - You are tired of "investing" in courses that did not really work - You are lost and do not know how to continue - A simple task of creating an online blog business has been made real complicated If you really want to create your very own blog and monetize it.. you're at the right place. Traffic and digital marketing is my passion. I'm here to help new-age entrepreneurs reach their dreams of creating a thriving online blog business. I strongly believe that the future of businesses and entrepreneurship will take place in the digital sphere. I seriously love the huge potential this online space has - the global connectivity, the potential to reach millions... But most importantly, I'll never forget that behind each computer screen is a real heart with big dreams. Every single blog post you see published has hours of work put into it. Sub-par trainings are thrashed so that you only get the best quality training here. I'm Raelyn Tan, and I'm a blogging and digital marketing strategist for tiny blogs. raelyn-tan-xin-hui I help ambitious bloggers define their authentic blog brand, get laser targeted traffic to get in front of more ideal customers and create products to monetize their blogs... using smart & strategic tactics. I transform invisible aspiring entrepreneurs into confident businesses owners that get a steady stream of new customers into their business daily.... I do it with no-fluff online tutorials on my blog + kickass digital products you can purchase. Here are just a couple of things you'll learn here: - Getting traffic and building relationships with social media - Using Facebook ads and other forms of paid media to get more eyeballs - Getting real clear on your brand messaging - Leveraging on the latest digital tools - SEO - Creating highly demanded information products to sell & other methods of monetization - Webinar creation - Blogging & writing tips - Cultivating that kickass entrepreneurial mindset - How to create kickass videos - How to sell without puking internally Let's see what you get: - No fluff, no bull shit, and most certainly no overly indulgent promises of the "laptop lifestyle" without providing any value. Here's actual value that actually teaches her HOW. - Simple, idiot-proof digital marketing tutorials that come in both video and written form - 100% actionable - Chockfull with value-packed tips that accelerated her business like gangbusters - Bonus: 24/7 free Facebook mastermind group (Blogging on Turbo) that answered all her burning biz questions. ... So you may wanna stick around. The best way to ensure you receive value would be to sign up for my email list. I send regular tips and updates about my latest trainings. Subscribe here: raelyntan.com About Baby Raelyn (and the adult one too, if you're interested) According to my parents, I was born a good tempered baby decades ago. As a baby, my parents mistook my quietness for good behaviour. It seems that years later, my personality is still the same: I believe that succeeding online does not have to be crazily noisy and spammy, it can be quiet... but dead effective. With an IQ of 147 (note: this score is from a multitude of IQ tests I take online), I believe that visibility & success online is about how smart and strategic you are. And not how loud you shout or even how hard you try. My professional background is in marketing - I'm a Marketing + Finance business major from the National University of Singapore (the best university in Asia-Pacific and 12th in the world according to the QS World Ranking in 2015). IMG_9015I'm an average girlfriend to my boyfriend, an eldest daughter to my parents, a starry-eyed Apple & Starbucks addict, a sashimi lover, and I'm obsessed with international economies and how financial markets work. I also believe that digital marketing is the future of businesses. Fun Fact: About 40% of visitors who land on this page never get the honour of visiting my website ever again. Aka they disappear into virtual underworld, never to meet me again. Maybe they were eating an ice-cream and got distracted. Or their significant other texted them and they left my site. Or someone messaged them a cute cat video on Facebook. Well, they're certainly missing out on what the other 60% is benefiting from. The best way for you to stay in touch with me would be to join my email list for free updates on my trainings. Here's to your online success - go ahead and click that green button, if you want to. No pressure, only peaceful loving vibes here :) Lots of love x Let's not lose contact with each other - click here to receive free updates. You're a gem for staying till the end. Come hang out! Join hundreds of online entrepreneurs in my Free Facebook Mastermind Group, Blogging on Turbo, as we get visible and profitable together at http://raelyntan.com/turbo. xx Raelyn :)