Radiant Credit Repair

Looking to purchase a home, car, apartment, insurance or apply for a new job! Don't let your credit discourage you! We have been repairing credit scores for five years, fixing several hundred credit reports. The majority of our clients are referred to us from financial professional or previous clients. We work on behalf of our clients to dispute the questionable items listed on their credit report that have a negative impact on their scores. From the beginning we provide credit counseling and strategy to our clients for maximum credit impact. Once a client is ready to proceed, a credit audit is arranged so that the client is given a clear direction to reach the goal desired. We use consumer laws to develop unique strategies for credit repair. Specifically, we employ the FCRA, FDCPA, RESPA, TILA, and TCPA to ensure that each item on the credit report accurately reflects our client’s financial history. If items are inaccurate, outdated or unverfiable, we advocate on our clients behalf to have these items removed.