We live in the world full of energies. Over centuries people were seeking for stones with special powers. Legends of birthstones date back to the biblical times. From old testament, we can see that the high priests carried chest plate with 12 stones on it. Each stone supposed to represent one of the tribes of ancient Israel. Later they started to connect crystals with different months. Every month have different challenges to overcome and as well each birthstone serves different purpose. According to one legend, people were possessing all 12 crystals and every month they wore a different one. Believes in birthstones can be found in every religion and population, which indicates their true power. In our time of technology and fast tempo of living, we tend to forget about nature and its secret treasures.· People are energy beings and so are crystals. Scientists discovered that crystals have their own auras and emit energies on different frequencies. Why do you need your birthstone? With its help, you will adjust your energy on a higher positive level. Birthstones will help you extract the most and the best out of your character predispositions. Most feel their energies the moment they put it around their neck and I am sure you will feel it too.·