Lisa Turner - Psycademy

Psycademy was created to train the most successful coaches, therapists and high level psychics. We teach coaches to become high level psychics who create the future (not predict it). Psycademy is the only company to offer a professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training. CEO Lisa Turner is known for facilitating profound transformation with a 95% success rate experienced by clients and students, i.e. 95% of students get the transformation or skills they came for or MORE! It is her personal mission to assist people to become empowered, free and successful to help them evolve. She is a thought leader with an approach based on years of research into the latest scientific, psychological and spiritual thinking on what it means to be human in the 21st century. Psycademy offers a range of coaching and training programs, with a number of online home learning opportunities as well as 1-1 coaching availability and full, live, in-person training events. Testimonials: "WOW! WOW. Ok I am a bit of a closed person when it comes to coaching and personal development, it is not that I don't think I need it, not at all, it is just that I have not, until now, met the right person to inspire me to think they could make a difference. We all have baggage, we all have limiting beliefs, how much we recognise them is down to our willingness to let them out! Lisa is quite a lady! She is intelligent, beyond me on that score for sure, she applies a logical, non fluffy, view on the science of our minds and the capability we have, in a logical way, to move forward." "Working with Lisa is indeed transformational stuff. You will be challenged but never allowed to feel alone, stretched far enough that you must grow, but never so far that you are stretched too far and then cannot grow again. What began as fulfilling a promise to myself to add new and deeper dimensions to my own business in order to help my own clients, also became a personal transformation and revelation beyond any expectations." Wilma Allan