Prison Brews

Prison Brews opened its doors on April 7, 2008 on the historic east side of Jefferson City at 305 Ash Street in what is historically known as Landwehr Dairy. The original building is circa 1895. The 1904-05 City Directory lists L.H. Mueller, Horseshoer; Blacksmithing and Wagon Making; “For First Class Work Give Us A Trial,” at this address. In 1923, the building was labeled a “Creamery” and by 1940, the building was labeled a “Dairy.” During the early 1990’s, Sanning Electric owned and operated their business from this location. Then in 2008 this building became the microbrewery and restaurant it is today! Being so close to the historic old prison, it seemed fitting for a cool restaurant theme. There have been many updates over the years but one thing remains, a casual and comfortable atmosphere where our guest or shall we say friends, can come and enjoy good food and hand crafted beers.