Prepper Advantage

Hi, I’m Lou Prep… Let me tell you a little about why I created Prepper Advantage. For most of my life, I’ve lived what most people would call the “suburban dream,” taking care of my kids and wife in a relatively quiet neighborhood of southern New Jersey — white picket fences, dogs out in the yard, family dinner at 6pm, the whole nine yards. I always felt comfortable. I never worried about my family being in danger. I was complacent. But one day about six years ago, I got a big wakeup call… more like a wakeup SIREN actually. It happened in the dead of winter, sometime around mid-January. We’re pretty used to getting snow in NJ. Even heavy snowfall is relatively common during our coldest months. People aren’t too scared of it. They don’t run to the grocery store and clear out the milk and eggs when a snow storm comes our way. So when I heard on the news that a blizzard was headed toward our area, I simply dismissed as business as usual and went on with my day. Big mistake. We got hit ten times harder than anyone expected. Our phone, internet, and electricity went out for days, and we were totally snowed-in. After seeing my kids shivering in our unheated house, eating the little food we had stashed in the pantry (a couple cans of Spaghetti-O’s) and asking when they’d be able to watch TV again, I knew I’d done something seriously wrong. My wife didn’t say anything. But I could feel her worry. When the power came back after three long days and nights, she asked me one question I’ll never forget: “What if we had to do that again, but for weeks instead of days?” I promised her we would NEVER be caught unprepared like that again. Fast forward to today, and I’ve become a walking encyclopedia on prepping and survival. Unfortunately, it took thousands of dollars, countless hours, and a whole mess of frustration to get where I am today. I don’t want anyone else to struggle and fight like I did to get the knowledge I have today. And THAT is why I created Prepper Advantage. My goal: To give you the best tools, guidance, and information to keep your family safe, prosperous, and prepared… and to warn you of the things you shouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole! Here’s how I’m working toward that goal… By emailing you breaking info from my research every single day. By cataloging what I’ve learned on my journey through in-depth blog posts here on the site. Sometimes even by giving away the gear and tools I feel every family should have… for free. I want you to have everything I can possibly give you to help your family stay ready. So watch the site here at Prepper Advantage and subscribe to my email list to make sure you’re always aware of what I’m offering up. I’ll make the same promise to you that I made to my wife six years ago: I won’t ever let you be caught unprepared again. – Lou Prep