Power Elite

After 15 years in the industry as an international level athlete and also having coached hundreds of athletes to numerous local, national and international successes, I am VERY EXCITED to announce I will be offering these services under the name “Power Elite”, as well personal training and technique coaching. Power Elite Offers * : Gym Membership * Personal training * Fat loss and transformations • Programming for Strength athletes, including powerlifting, crossfit , strongman and any athlete needing to integrate strength training into their program. This includes dance/cheer teams, football and soccer teams, netball teams etc. • Nutritional coaching . Everything from fat loss to body recomposition to bodybuilding to sports specific nutrition • Online technique review – viewing videos of your lifting giving critical feedback on form, accessory work, pre-hab work and mobility. • Advice on injury management and rehabilitation We have been providing a lot of these services over the past decade or more but am EXCITED now to offer these services under the one roof at Power Elite.