POP Yachts

We get asked a lot about what the “POP” in POP Yachts stand for. Well, it stands for the way POP Yachts does business – we only get “Paid On Performance.” The radical difference from other boat brokerages is that sellers can continue to try to sell their boat on their own. If they do happen to sell to a neighbor or friend, then the seller owes POP nothing. POP Yachts only gets paid if they find a buyer for the boat. This has seriously changed the industry, and it has grown POP to being the largest yacht brokerage in the United States. When Scott McNally started the company back in 2009, he was looking to change up the boat brokerage industry. Nick Owens joined in 2010 as the Director of IT and Marketing and has developed incredible proprietary software to help the company sell all boats – not just large ones. That’s another main difference between POP and some of the other brokerages. The starting price for POP to broker a boat is $15,000, much lower than most boat brokerages. Boats are marketed on over 160+ websites, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and Twitter. Most people who are looking for a boat initially look to the internet, and they will find POP Yachts within 5 minutes of looking for a boat. POP Yachts typically has 1000's of boats on their website - everything from center consoles to bass boats and even specialty sailboats, all with many photos and a video that shows everything about the boat. This way, buyers can see the boat’s exact condition before traveling to see the boat in person. At POP Yachts, our sales associates are trained to balance personal communication and marketing online. We pride ourselves in have associates that are excellent at what they do – everything from taking great photos and videos to outstanding communication with the customer, even down to sending them weekly reports showing them how many buyers have inquired about their vessel. The amazing software POP has enables excellent communication and details that continues throughout the entire process of selling a boat. POP also changed the way typical brokers handle every aspect of purchasing a vehicle – from sales to closing. POP employs 9 closing coordinators whose jobs are to handle all the paperwork for buyers and sellers. We believe that everyone wins when our employees are experts at their jobs. What about customer service? We are consistently rated the #1 boat brokerage in the world. See for yourself on the independent TrustPilot.com website: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/popyachts.com POP Yachts has recently moved into Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Their sister company POP RVs, started in 2015 and is the first RV brokerage that helps sellers advertise their RV nationwide and beyond. This is revolutionizing the RV industry as well. Owners can now try to sell their RV while still enjoying it! They don’t have to sit it on a lot for months at a time while still paying for it. So, if you are looking to sell your boat or RV, look no further than POP Yachts or POP RVs. www.popyachts.com www.poprvs.com