Play Tarka

TARKA is a game invented by David Wayne Mills in 1990. A game that draws in a crowd and keep them watching. It has only been revealed to selected groups of people and students over the years and each time it has been received with excitement and curiosity. The game is ready for the world to see it for the first time. The game speaks for itself and requires the same passion in game play as it does in reaching out to every Chess player in the world. The game has three layers of complexity. Layer one is wisdom the rules. Layer two is learning the game. Layer three is learning about yourself. Like noble chess Tarka learnt at a young age will lead you to higher education, higher averaging income and strategic thinking. It speed up your chess skills and helps you lift off any tables that you have reached. It is a work of art that inspires the creative mind and the craftsman/woman. It’s true that Tarka is more Chess theory itself and modern chess play has run up again the arrival of chess software that plays with the strength of a grand master and many modern games consist of memorized openings with very small deviations and uncreative study of positions by machines looking for an edge. A movement that delivers honest results and that quality is the integrity by which Tarka commits to give and promises to share. The game is also about bettering our lives and passing it onto others so they can do the same. It is a level playing field embracing all people everywhere. Every day we go to work and some of us come home and play some Chess or our Children play at school or at the Club and it is our Passion to give our Children the Edge they need in this Competitive World.