AT A GLANCE -Based In Australia -Established in 2014 -Designed for the gay community -Delivered FREE worldwide -Sweat shop free -Got a question? Contact us at OUR STORY As two gay guys in our 30s, born in Australia and the UK, we both announced our arrival into the gay world very differently. One took the path most travelled and embraced their identity, the other repressed his sexuality and came out at 31. Whilst we both had very different experiences, the similarities were incredible and still exist today. The sense of acceptance and normalcy in a gay club or party yet the hesitance (for some) to celebrate gay culture in mainstream society. We saw the lack of clothing to express ourselves and (in my case) remind people that being gay is not just ‘ok’ it’s amazing! We discovered that whatever your journey, it is a unique way of life. Then it happened! In Melbourne, Australia in 2014. It was a Sunday afternoon (over a sneaky glass of wine or three) Platoon Brand was conceived. The name symbolises unity of people. A platoon work together for a common purpose to achieve a goal. We wanted to create something that people can be a part of and belong to. We are influenced by mashup of Australian and european gay culture. Our designs are inspired by pop culture, gay empowerment and sub cultures that exist within the gay society. Our aim is to provide our community with clothing and accessories designed specifically for them. This is why we have partnered with American Apparel to bring our designs to you with a designer fit, without the designer price, and as fast as possible. Don’t fade away. Get noticed! Join the Platoon. Our designs are inspired by Melbourne's edgy, vibrant & diverse multicultural lifestyle. Our style is simplistic and embraces Melbourne's love for the black and white colour palette. We only create clothing in black and white, as these sexy elegant colours are always on trend. Black captures the dark disobedience of the night and white provides an elegant versatility during day. Melbourne is renowned for its urban grunge, hidden lane ways and coffee-brunch-wine bar lifestyle. It is not unusual to go out for a 'quick' coffee' and stumble across a cocktail in a graffiti covered hidden lane way. For this reason we design our street wear so that it can be dressed up or down depending where you day may take you. Clothing has the ability to make a statement, make it a positive one and join our Platoon.