I know you’re going to love Phaiser wireless earbuds because I initially designed them for my own use... I had become fed up with the lousy sound, dropped connections, and the generally poor quality of Bluetooth headsets on the market. And I don’t know about you, but to me getting rich, full sound when I’m listening to my favorite tracks is non-negotiable. So what choice did I have? If billion dollar tech companies with R&D budgets the size of a small island nation didn’t have the imagination to build the sort of headset I wanted to use...I’d do it myself. The plan was simple: Build and test using experts from 3 separate fields to make a new, better kind of earbud. The designs and programming were done by Swiss sound engineers for superior HD audio and comfort - imagine a Rolex for your ears... Then, we had professional musicians test them and advise us how to make the sound even better... And finally, we had athletes take their buds out into the field and put them through their paces to help us find the perfect mesh of comfort and stability. After 18 months of testing and improving, today's Phaisers are everything I ever wanted in a Bluetooth headset, and over 12,000 happy customers on Amazon seem to agree. And unlike a giant tech company, we don’t have a board of investors to answer to, so I’ve done everything I can to make these earbuds the best product you’ve seen this year. Lifetime sweatproof warranty? Check. 2-year manufacturer’s warranty? Check. Free Replacement Eartips? Check. Seriously. VIP Program with great discounts & other perks? Check. Genuinely helpful and responsive support team? Check. Get yours here: