Pet Milestone Cards

Woofs and welcome to Pet Milestone Cards! Capture all of the exciting milestones throughout your puppy’s first year with our brightly designed milestone cards. This project started when we welcomed our beautiful puppy Dora to our family and wanted to remember all the big occasions in her life (her puppy milestones), but also have some fun with our pup along the way too. We hope you love the cards as much as we do and enjoy making memories to treasure with your puppy. For inspiration and to share your milestone moments, follow us @petmilestonesuk on Instagram, @petmilestonesuk on Twitter and xxxx on Facebook. Please use the hashtag #petmilestonecardsuk and we will find you. We can’t wait for you to introduce us to your beautiful fur babies! Lots of puppy love, Emma (hooman), Dora Pup and the team at Pet Milestone cards! x Contact us: Come back soon for new products and special offers