Performance PT

WHAT I DO: I help individuals who are looking to build muscle and improve their health and achieve optimal results by providing detailed nutrition and training programs which are tailor made and updated weekly or when required if the client is working towards competition standard. WHY I’M DIFFERENT: • We are exclusive. Unlike most other personal training businesses clients come to US about training with us. We don’t chase after people who may not be ready to commit themselves to our programs, we wait for them to make that decision themselves and say “yes, I’m ready!” • Each of our client’s progress is thoroughly tracked so we can ensure that their training/nutrition program of the moment is the best it can possibly be for their current state. We edit and tweak our programs weekly and even daily in some cases of clients who are coming up to competitions. We are ALWAYS working towards doing better for our clients. • Our trainers are competition level in the sports which they specialise in! Whether that’s boxing or body building they’re of a very very high standard which shows dedication, motivation and commitment and they channel that into achieving results for our clients. • When we have consultations with clients, we ensure that they know EVERYTHING they need to know and we make sure that we know everything WE need to know. No stone will be left unturned; we want to know everything about our client’s fitness, eating habits, goals and their motivation behind wanting to make this lifestyle change! It’s equally important that you know everything about what we do and how we do it so that you’re not signing up to us and getting a nasty surprise later on down the line. We want to be upfront with you, unlike some trainers we want you to know everything so you have the opportunity to say “actually, maybe this program is too intensive for me” rather than tricking you into a commitment you may not be ready to make. • Your goals are as important to us as they are to you and we will do everything in our power to make that work, even if it means training at 7am! • We don’t settle for anything less than excellence! We do the very best for our clients but we’re constantly trying to see if there are even better ways to make sure they get the best. That’s why our trainers are always increasing their knowledge with different courses to widen their spectrum of expertise. People come to us with all kinds of problems and we make it our business to ensure we can’t say “no, we can’t help you” to anyone!