Perfect World Ice Cream Company

Here in our Perfect World we think that the sweet, delicious desserts everyone loves to eat should taste like pure indulgence but be really healthy. What? YES! They should taste at least as good as the 'junk food' versions...but without the junk. And when we say healthy we mean not just less bad for us, but actually good for us! Tall order you say? Hardly. There’s no point making a treat more healthy if you end up making it… well… not a treat any more...right??? So we took everyone’s favourite indulgence and spent five years developing a uniquely blended, finely balanced recipe that delivers the true premium ice cream experience but none of the guilt. And then we added brownies and other delicious bits, which no delectable ice cream should be without... It's luscious. It's creamy. It's sweet and scrummy, but ... our Perfect World loveliness has no sugar added, it's non dairy, there's no wheat (not even in the brownie), and it's vegetarian society approved (not vegan as we use free range eggs), and because of the lovely nuts it has mostly unsaturated fats which are good for you, instead of the saturated bad ones you get from dairy. We use stevia and other sweeteners from natural sources and no chemical sweeteners. So not only does it deliver very few calories from carbs, it helps control cholesterol and it's also a natural source of many vitamins and minerals, a source of dietary fibre, and the lovely list goes on... It took an amazing amount of trial and error over thousands of batches (yum!) to get it tasting just like that dreamy ice cream you crave (you know... the one that makes you kick yourself when have a couple of scoops... and then you eat the whole tub!) So no more guilt! We are ready to share! We know it sounds too good to be true, but wait until you try it! You won't believe it's not bad for you!!!