Peak Physique Hot Yoga Ballarat

We pride ourselves on the high-quality personal touches, so all you need to do is arrive and enjoy. Our studio is modern and inviting and our teachers are passionate and inspiring. We will help you have the ultimate yoga practice. Our Hot classes are an experience where we sweat and challenge ourselves. It’s not about being the best or looking the best. It’s about creating a happy positive state of mind. We are here to smile, enjoy and not take ourselves to seriously. Practicing Yoga or Pilates in a heated environment assists the muscles to warm up and open more quickly which allows you to deepen your range in each posture, therefore increasing the function of our body’s internal health. Our studio uses specialised Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heating panels. Scientifically proven to benefit those with physical injuries our silent heaters radiate luxurious warmth, similar to the comfort you feel when you are standing outside on a warm sunny day. The heat penetrates deep into the body activating major bodily functions and firing up cellular metabolism.