Paul Ace

"My arm feels dead" not the worse thing in the world you would think. But what that meant, changed our world forever... One thing that not a lot of people know about us is... Around 3 years ago we went through a very personal struggle together. The kind of struggle that can make or break a relationship. We want to share that with you and hope it will inspire you Jess was still at university studying design crafts at the time and I was singing for a living. I remember Jess woke up that morning saying that her arm felt a bit dead. We assumed that she had slept on it funny and it would wear off throughout the day. It did not, days went passed and it didn't get any better... Jess was starting to worry about it. She'd handed in the last project of her degree and booked a doctors appointment the following day. What the doctor said to Jess would change our world forever. She said that she thought she had, had a stroke! That was crazy she was 22! We went to the hospital and she had a number of tests done. What we learnt was even worse and came as more of a shock... The doctor came in with clipboard in hand and his white coat on. As he stood at the end of the bed with a concerned look on his face He explained that she had not had a stroke... 'Ok great, then what is it?'... He said "unfortunately you have multiple sclerosis (MS). This was even crazier at 22! it was pretty unheard of and we didn't know what to do, it changed everything... We had so many questions would Jess even be able to walk down the aisle? The next year was one of the toughest of our lives. When you get news like that it rocks your world and your relationship gets challenged. Can I ask you a question? Have you ever had to purposely inflict pain on your partner? I have... 3 Times a week I had to to inject Jess to stop her MS getting worse. It came out in a bee sting each and every time she had them and it was into bruises that wouldn't heal quick enough before the next injection - it was like a scene from rocky. She was becoming progressively more bruised, sore and depressed. It was a tough time for us both, but what we learnt was how deep our relationship was and how that living for today is so important. Life is far to short... - To argue about the little things in life. - To worry about the wedding planning. - To stress about whether you can even afford the wedding that you have always dreamt of. - To be concerned if you are upsetting family or friends when you are making your wedding decisions. We want to help you... We believe that every couple deserves their dream wedding Myself and Jess want to change the world together and we would love to help you on your wedding journey. I have worked with 100's of brides and performed at weddings all over the country and have seen what works and what doesn't. Jess has been with me every step of the way and her design skills have helped us make the solution to all the problems above. We list our helpful products on our site: We would love the opportunity to make a difference to your life like we have had the chance to with one of of our dream wedding brides recently... Takysha said ' I absolutely loved my wedding secrets box. It has helped me to, start planning our wedding. I was so stuck on what to do. However i have started a scrapbook, and now i am on a roll. Thanks again' If this has inspired you to make a change in your life, maybe move forward with your wedding planning or you think this could help someone you know. Please share with anyone who you want to help Remember you're just one dream away Paul and Jessie Ace x