Paria Outdoor Products

Paria Outdoor Products is a small business based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was started with a simple goal; to create outstanding products that help you get out and experience the calm beauty of the great outdoors. How did we get there? Having been an avid hiker and backpacker for a while now, I have seen some incredible places along the trail. However, what I enjoy just as much as being on the trail, is sharing these places with friends and family. Whether through photos, stories, or by dragging them with me. I do find that getting people out there to see for themselves is the most rewarding. This realization is what drove me to start Paria Outdoor Products. I want to help as many people as possible to get out on the trail and start exploring. To make this happen, we work hard to design high quality products and offer them at a reasonable cost, so that they are accessible to anyone. I hope you enjoy the products we've created and allow us be a small part of your next adventure. Thank you for your support. Bart Przybyl Founder Paria Outdoor Products