PaintTech Training Academy

PaintTech Academy Develop Your Skills To Increase Your Profits For the first time in the UK there is a course created for decorators by decorators that shows you how to increase your business and your bottomline. By using the right techniques and machines for every aspect of your jobs you can increase the quality of your work, finish jobs quicker and take on more jobs every year. This is The Modern Approach To Decorating. The PaintTech team has spent years developing systems, testing different products and techniques. We complete more jobs in less time with less labour. We give our clients a quality of finish and level of professionalism that is second to none. We have more referrals and repeat business than ever before. Builders, developers, designers and architects all want to work with us. We want to share with you how we achieved all of this. Every course on spray application that is currently offered in the UK is provided either by a paint manufacturer or machine manufacturer. These are salesmen attempting to increase the profit of the THEIR business, NOT YOURS. We have been spraying for almost 20 years and have proven systems will maximise your efficiency in every area of your business. We will demonstrate: – How to market your business using the web and social media – How to become the best, most professional, most referred decorator in your local area – Pricing every possible aspect of a project, whether it is using architectural plans, from a site visit of an individual door – Automation of quoting & invoicing so you get paid on time – The best way to approach your projects so you can work on site uninterrupted, with maximum efficiency and maximum profit – Deliver a finish that is unachievable with a brush and roller that will amaze your clients (and you!) – Complete projects in up to half the time you do now – How to consistently achieve greater profit in every job AND provide greater value to all your clients