Congrats on the big admission! You deserve a High Five!!! Fed up of running around, talking to brokers, searching multiple websites and making too many phone calls for finding your home sweet home in Singapore? Frustrated by multiple bad roommate and housemate choices? The good news is you are not alone. We faced the same problems during our quest to find our new home and family in a new country, and that is why we founded OxfordCaps. OxfordCaps is an online community to help students connect and interact with other students – be it finding your perfect home or roommate, OxfordCaps is there for you. We curate residential and purpose-built student accommodation options through our web platform. Now you are empowered with an arsenal of information that you need in a new country; from accommodation listings (with videos of how each space looks like), lifestyle related content so you know what to do in Singapore, and a community of fellow students! The #OCarsenal will help you chill and concentrate on what really matters - your student life!