OverTime Basketball

Coach Ali is an I’m Possible Training Certified Coach, USA Basketball Certified Coach as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. I’m Possible Training has directed basketball clinics, camps with Kobe Bryant, Mario Chalmers and a lot of other NBA players. At OverTime Basketball, we are using the same Im possible Training curriculum used to develop High school players, Colleges Players and Professional Players. We believe that you should be getting better every session even if its a slight improvement. Hence we use a progressive approach to all our training sessions, whether you are 4 years old, a teenager or a pro. Our Innovative approach Is what separates us no matter if we have 30 or 100 players in attendance, our camps are designed around the concept of making every player feel like they are training alone. The reason for the approach is simple. Our purpose is simply to empower and equip players of all levels with the skills needed to train themselves and make their team better. In our camps players train, they work and they learn the excitement that comes with mistake driven innovative game simulation training. We offer affordable training packages starting from 5 years old! Suitable for; *All Skill Levels (From Beginners to Elite Players) *Developing Solid Fundamentals and Enhancing Skills For more information on pricing and package options please check out Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions!