“I am very blessed to do what I love. And very excited to share my career story with you) Microblading is my ART, PASSION AND PHILOSOPHY) As a Hairstylist,licensed since 2009 in Europe and 2013 in USA, I’ve always loved to change ladies ‘ lives , transforming their total overlook, and even those days I saw how significant the face features are changing with good eyebrows but when Microblading came along it took over my business all together! Incredible way to enchanceyour beauty! Absolute beauty perfection! While I always maintained my clients brows, dying it with Henna and waxing it was ultimately frustrating waiting for over plucked brows or bald spots from past damage to grow back in… but now…. I can fix it in one Microblading session! it’s complete perfection….. for the brows you’ve always wanted, The breathtaking beauty “ Board Certified Insured Department of Health Establishment License Biomedical Waste Permit Bloodbourne Pathogen course completed State licensed Florida College of Cosmetology Individual lashes extentions specialist Department of Health Tattoo License/Tattoo Artist Microblading Certified Brow Artist Complaint with all DOH requirements I use disposable sterile blades, incredible pigments and only the best aftercare!! I have only the highest standards of care for each and every client with my work and sanitation. Only the best stuff and implements at Orlandolushbrows. As Microblading is becoming more popular many people will be offering it however, Microblading is not a job you choose, it’s an ART. Check out ALL of my before and afters in the portfolio album, ALL of my reviews and ALL of my social media pages! Every picture I post is my work. I look forward to giving you the brows you have always wanted! Have more questions? Check out my site and watch my videos! I have worked hard to make the answers you need available to you on my site! Then click the booking tab and get on my schedule, plan aheadas I am booked in months out…. Eva Ivolga, Orlandolushbrows owner