Only Open Minded

Have you ever heard this phrase? “Stop Trading Time for Money” If your still trading your time for money what happens when you get sick? Or have a family emergency that doesn’t allow you to go to that job for any period of time? Guess what, you don’t get paid and your income stops. You suffer big time. The moral of the story is that trading your time for money ultimately puts a ceiling on the maximum income you can earn. I remember busy periods in my job that required me to stay back until midnight for 2 weeks in a row! Did we get extra pay? Nope. Yet we stressed out and worked our asses off to just to please our employer. Making them rich and not us! Oh but wait, all this hard work did put you in a better position to get a promotion… Like an extra $3,000 after a years hard slog… haha can’t believe the amount of effort people go to get this measley increase! Wouldn’t it be better to make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even if you aren’t actually working? This type of income is called passive income and it really isn’t that hard to do. You can generate passive streams of income in many different ways. The main concept of generating passive income is that you are trading value for money instead of time for money. If you are interested to learn more about passive income? We are looking to work/partner with 5 PEOPLE wo are serious about changing thier financial LIVES.