Oh Crap Parent Coaching with Jamie Glowacki

"Childhood is a journey, not a race." I'm Jamie and I've helped thousands of parents potty train their children. ocpt is THE guide to potty training...culminating YEARS of doing this into a book with all the answers to your questions. I do not advise on Facebook or via email. We have Oh Crap Certified Experts on-hand if you're child is having a hard time with this milestone. Check out our website: www.jamieglowacki.com AND our Youtube channel: Oh Crap With Jamie Oh Crap Potty Training is a practical guide. A How-To manual. It isn't a method. I have no gimmicks. I have no tricks. It's a simple, respectful way to potty train by becoming consciously aware of how to teach toddlers in the way human beings actually learn. It is gentle, easy and profoundly effective. No bribery. No shenanigans. No Jedi Mind tricks.